So many changes happening so fast in the new RNhu home in Cambodia! Praise God the house parent’s there have great discernment and connections to help prevent twelve new children from being sold into the sex trade. We are learning that we have to act fast in this province,  by the time the house parents become aware of children that are in extreme at-risk situations they often have less than 24 hours to make a decision before the child will be sold or trafficked across the nearby border.

A nine hour bus ride and 2 hour car ride the following day brought us to a distant province. We were able to share life with this home for a few days in their small simple village. They found a great home to rent with a large front yard for the kids to play. The boys are upstairs and the girls are downstairs in a bedroom until the home gets large enough to split into a separate boys and girls home.

They had recently moved into this home and had yet to purchase many supplies to get them settled. We brought Lida along to help us with translation and she went out with the house mother to get beds, mosquito nets, pillows, fans, blankets & small kitchen supplies and appliances. The kids start school this week, so we also got a couple more bicycles so everyone is now able to get to and from school. The kids were SO excited to get their new beds set up and thankful to be sleeping without the mosquito’s. It is a LOT rainier in this province and the house dad had been hospitalized for Dengue Fever for the entire previous week! Praise God he is now ok!

Since this home is also on a larger plot of land in the country side, they are able to raise ducks, chickens and have a vegetable garden. They eat the chickens for meat and the duck eggs. RNhu is looking for land in the area to allow them to build on and have land permanently. We are praying about transportation options for this home as they currently only have bicycles and use motodups (motorcycle taxis) for market runs. The market and school are pretty close, but their church is in a village 10 mi. away. The roads have horrible mud holes during the rainy season that they walk through right now to get to the main road for public transport.

We were able to go church Sunday morning where the house mother had started a church plant at a home in a small village nearby! Her dream is to someday have a church there for all of the villagers and surrounding villages to attend together. She is quite the Evangelist and after giving her life to the Lord continued to tell every house in that village, door to door, about the love of Jesus. Many of the people in this area are either Khmer Rouge Soldiers or descendents of the Khmer Rouge soldiers. She said everyone in this village has come to know Jesus and so she is moving onto the next village to continue evangelizing!

The Lord’s timing for us to go just happened to be during the birthday month of both the house mother & house father, who are brother and sister. So of course we had a birthday party! Most of the kids had never eaten or seen a cake before and the birthday girl/house mother instigated an all out frosting war! We all had a blast playing games, singing and dancing. The kids in this home are simply amazing, so full of love and joy of Jesus! Truly a blessing to be able to travel to spend time with this amazing new RNhu family home.



  • By Robin 22 Sep 2012

    Amazing! What beautiful faces and what precious time you had. LOVE the home church! Sounds like a perfect solution to not travel so far and wow is the village ever responding! PTL!

  • By wendy 22 Sep 2012

    Bless both of you and praying for the continuation of favor, wisdom, good health and safety for you and all of the people you are reaching out to!

  • By John 23 Sep 2012

    Absolutely love this!! You two are so freaking awesome, we love you, miss you and always praying for you!

  • By Kate 28 Sep 2012

    Keep up the awesome work guys!!! Praying for you! The birthday party sounds like a blast for the kids. ;)

  • By Jessie 29 Sep 2012

    Sounds like a great trip! Love you guys!

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